Webinar: Anti-Dumping in Solar Markets

The objective of the webinar will be to discuss recent trends with regard to anti-dumping and other trade remedy measures in the principal solar markets-such as the US, EU, China and India and how this has been shaping solar-PV supply chains. It will also explore specific options that could be pursued within the trading system to discipline trade remedy measures so as to bring about a degree of certainty and predictability for solar PV manufacturers while also addressing questions on fair competition in solar manufacturing. 

Key Discussion Points :
  • What are the recent developments with regard to the use of anti-dumping and other trade remedy measures on solar PV products and how have they been shaping solar PV supply-chains?  
  • How can concerns on fair competition in the solar PV industry be reconciled with the need to ensure low equipment prices for the scale-up of solar PV installations?
  • How can the use of trade remedy measures be better disciplined through various measures including reform of trade-rules?
  • January 25, 2018 at 2pm – 3pm
  • Felicia Mester