Distributed Solar PV Reaches New 350 MW Milestone in Brazil

According to ABSOLAR, the country currently has 37.107 solar photovoltaic (PV) systems connected to the grid, representing more than R$ 2.5 billion in cumulative investments


São Paulo, September 6th, 2018 - Brazil has just reached a new milestone of 350 MW of distributed generation solar PV installed capacity in operation, located in buildings such as houses, commercial buildings, industries, rural producers and public buildings,

According to the Brazilian Photovoltaic Solar Energy Association (ABSOLAR), solar PV leads the distributed microgeneration (systems with installed capacity of up to 75 kW) and minigeneration (above 75 kW and below 5 MW) segments, representing more than 99.4% of the country's systems.

In terms of the number of solar PV systems, residential consumers are at the top of the list, accounting for 76.7% of the total, followed by companies in the commercial and services sector (16.1%), rural producers (3.8%), industries (2.5%), public buildings (0.8%) and other types of users, such as public services (0.1%) and public lighting (0.01%).

In terms of solar PV installed capacity, the commercial sector is at the top of the list, accounting for 43.3% of the total, followed by residential consumers (37.4%), industries (9.2%), rural producers (6.5%), public buildings (3.3%), public services (0.4%) and public lighting (0.02%).

According to ABSOLAR, Brazil has 37,107 solar PV systems connected to the grid, bringing savings and sustainability to 44,727 consumers, representing up to R$ 2.5 billion in investments since 2012, covering the whole country.


Source: ANEEL/ABSOLAR, 2018. Last update: 03/09/2018.

ABSOLAR's president of the Board of Administrators, Ronaldo Koloszuk, states that the growth of solar PV distributed microgeneration and minigeneration is driven by three main factors: (i) the strong reduction of more than 75% in the price of solar PV electricity over the last decade; (ii) substantial increases in electricity tariffs in Brazil; and (iii) the growth of consumer awareness and social and environmental responsibility, as well as an increasing willingness to save money while simultaneously helping to protect the environment.

"We celebrate with optimism this new advancement of solar PV in Brazil, with the certainty that we will have a strong growth of the sector in coming years and decades. Brazil has more than 82 million electricity consumers and there is an increasing interest from the population, companies and public leaders in harnessing their roofs, facades and parking lots to generate clean and renewable energy locally, saving money and contributing to the development of a more sustainable country, with high-quality and local solar jobs" comments Koloszuk.

ABSOLAR’s CEO, Dr. Rodrigo Sauaia, highlights that Brazil has excellent solar resources and privileged conditions to become a world leader in the sector. A recent survey conducted by Ibope Inteligência in 2018 revealed that 9 in every 10 Brazilians wants to produce renewable electricity in its own house. “Additionally, surveys conducted by Datafolha in 2016 and DataSenado in 2015 attested that solar PV amasses vast public support from more than 85% of the Brazilian population”, explains Sauaia.

National Solar Photovoltaic Ranking

In order to follow closely the evolution of solar PV distributed generation in Brazilian states, ABSOLAR has developed a National Solar PV Ranking, comparing the total installed capacity on each of the country’s states.

Currently, the state of Minas Gerais (MG) leads the national ranking, with 22.10% of accumulated installed capacity, followed by Rio Grande do Sul (RS) (14.16%), São Paulo (SP) (12.63%), Santa Catarina (SC) (7.09%) and Paraná (PR) (5.43%).

Source: ANEEL/ABSOLAR, 2018. Last update: 03/09/2018.


Founded in 2013, the Brazilian Photovoltaic Solar Energy Association (ABSOLAR) brings together companies and professionals from the entire solar PV value chain with operations in Brazil, both in the distributed generation and centralized generation market segments. ABSOLAR coordinates, represents and defends the development of the solar PV sector and market in Brazil, promoting and disseminating the use of this clean, renewable and sustainable energy in the country, as well as representing the Brazilian solar PV sector internationally.

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