A Vision for the Energy Transition in Italy

11th December 2018, Hotel Quirinale Rome (Italy)


Monza (Italy), November 2018 – The scenario for Italian photovoltaics has improved drastically compared with the last few years, thanks to the way technology has become economically competitive against other energy sources in a way that even five years ago seemed almost impossible to imagine. On top of that, the European Commission has adopted ambitious goals for the development of renewables by 2030 – forecasting a jump in Italian photovoltaic capacity from the current 20 GW to 68 GW in just 12 years. That means more than tripling the current installed capacity and producing up to 80 TWh from PV by 2030, equivalent to a quarter of national electricity demand in 2017. These are not easy targets to achieve, however: they assume installing 4 GW of new PV plants each year – compared to an average clip of 400 MW of late – without considering any loss of existing plants.

To better understand the emerging Italian solar context, ITALIA SOLARE is organizing the Forum ITALIA SOLARE 2018 to be held in Rome on December 11 at the Hotel Quirinale.

The event will provide a unique networking platform for companies investing and doing business in the Italian solar PV market, which is characterized by two legislative frameworks. On the one hand, there are shared energy installations that are small or medium in size and mainly intended for self-consumption; in future they will tend towards closed distribution systems, enabled by smart solutions. On the other hand, there is the market for utility scale PV plants that mostly goes to traders or the GSE ahead of the auctions that are due to come into effect by year-end, according to recent legislation. New regulation is still expected that would allow large PV plants to take part in the market for dispatching services and for dispatching regulation.

“There are two main challenges for the Italian photovoltaic sector: allowing for the sustainable development of new installations and at the same time achieving national targets for electricity from renewable sources. The Forum will bring together key players taking part in the energy transition in our country - institutions, the regulator, investors and producers – for a discussion about ways forward and future scenarios for Italy,” said Paolo Rocco Viscontini, president of ITALIA SOLARE.

The FORUM ITALIA SOLARE 2018 will open with a plenary session dedicated to "A Vision for the Energy Transition in Italy" which will hear from Roberto Moneta, CEO of Gestore dei Servizi Energetici, political representatives Gianni Girotto (M5S), Gianluca Benamati (PD), Luca Squeri (Forza Italy) and Paolo Arrigoni (Lega) as well as international photovoltaic associations.

The following four sessions will focus on the most interesting issues for the sector: sustainable development in urban and land planning for photovoltaic systems; digitization of the energy sector and the empowerment of energy consumers; business models and financing schemes for self-consumption and prosumers in Italy; market and legislative conditions for the bankability of long-term contracts (PPAs). These topics will be addressed by speakers from the Italian energy regulator, GSE, technology providers, PV energy producers and financial institutions.

The Forum is ideally suited to senior executives from utilities, smart energy solution suppliers, sector analysts, decision makers, EPC contractors, investors, corporate innovation providers, institutions and key industry stakeholders, both nationally and internationally.

Forum ITALIA SOLARE 2018 will provide participants with valuable market insights on how to invest and thrive in the Italian solar PV market. Participants and speakers will have the opportunity to meet and exchange views with major stakeholders in the sector.

Participation is free of charge but registration is required.