Initiative presented at Re-invest, 2ndGlobal Renewables Energy Investors

New Dheli, 8 October 2018 – Greening the Islands, a pioneer in promoting island sustainability on a global scale, is launching a new ratings system to recognize action boosting environmental protection and spotlight islands that are leading the way in accelerating the transition to a green future.

The Global Index, part of the work of the Greening the Islands Observatory, was presented for the first time at the islands session of Re-invest, the 2ndglobal event of renewable energy investors, in cooperation with the International Solar Alliance.

Gianni Chianetta, Director of Greening the Islands, speaking to the many island governments, industry representatives and investors present at Re-invest, declared: “This initiative will stimulate islands to became a model of sustainability and a green destination for tourists who look to spend their vacation in places with reduced emissions and in harmony with nature. Islands are an ideal laboratory for technological innovation and provide an opportunity to test solutions for the challenge of climate change.
The Greening the Islands Observatory Global Index will provide a ranking and single benchmark of the environmental status of islands, best practices of innovative solutions, exemplary governments and local populations in implementing policies and other effective initiatives.
The ranking will be produced by the Greening the Islands Observatory based on a technical evaluation of information provided by participating municipalities, with criteria measuring the effectiveness of actions performed. Island municipalities that have developed actions to reduce CO2 emissions can apply, in cooperation with companies and other stakeholders involved, to the ranking of the Greening the Islands  Observatory Global Index by simply filling out an online questionnaire, covering the topics of energy, water, mobility, wasteand environment.
The GTI Observatory Global Index will be published once a year, listing all the participating islands, ranking and highlighting virtuous islands through a system of “drops” (from 1 drop to 5 drops).

About Greening the Islands is a non-profit organization set up to promote and disseminate innovative solutions for sustainable development of islands and remote locations. The GTI Observatory was decided in 2015 in occasion of COP21 to analyse the existing situation and monitor energy transition on islands, identifying solutions to the various obstacles as they emerge. The Greening the Islands Observatory involve institutions and company that are already working or have relevant data and information on islands and generate synergies. Anev, Elettricità Futura, Global Solar Council, IDA, ItaliaSolare, Solar Power Europe have already joined the Observatory, while Eurelectric, WindEurope, Avere, Eurobat, Undef have the approval process under way.

About Re-invest

RE-INVEST is a global platform to explore strategies for development and deployment of renewables. It showcases India’s clean energy market and the Government’s efforts to scale up capacity to meet the national energy demand in socially, economically and ecologically sustainable ways.

The 2nd Global RE-INVEST will build upon the success of RE-INVEST 2015 and provide an international forum to established players as well as new segments of investors and entrepreneurs to engage, ideate and innovate.

About ISA
International Solar Alliance provide a dedicated platform for cooperation among solar resource rich countries where the global community, including bilateral and multilateral organizations, corporates, industry, and other stakeholders, can make a positive contribution to assist and help achieve the common goals of increasing the use of solar energy in meeting energy needs of prospective ISA member countries in a safe, convenient, affordable, equitable and sustainable manner.

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