ISES Solar World Congress & Jobs Taxonomy Workshop

The Solar World Congress 2017 organised by the International Solar Energy Society together with the IEA Solar Heating and Cooling Programme and hosted by the Masdar Institute continued a long tradition of connecting the renewable energy research and academic community with decision makers, financiers, and practitioners.

The event was being held jointly with the 5th International Conference on Solar Heating and Cooling for Buildings and Industry (SHC 2017) offering a rich opportunity of communicating with decision makers, project developers and financiers the significant technological advances and commercial successes of solar energy technologies. The event also provided a great learning experience as regards to the needs of these central stakeholders and the main factors driving them.

Jodie Roussell spoke at the Plenary Session - Global Focus & Innovation in Renewable Energy sharing a global viewpoint on the solar industry’s development and thoughts on how to address the challenges to solar’s future growth. After the session, she was asked to explain in a short interview why legal framework is crucial to enable solar to deliver on its potential on economic development, cost-effective and clean energy, as well as opportunity around the world.  

The Global Solar Council additionally hosted a Workshop with over 50 students from the Masdar Institute, Petroleum Institute & Khalifah University, and conference participants, on the future on employment in the solar industry. Participants contributed their thoughts on the technical and interpersonal skills necessary for the solar jobs of the future. This workshop was part of the workstream of the Council’s Jobs, Training & Curriculum Taskforce.


31 October