The latest APVIA report focuses on "China, Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam" and the highlights of renewable energy in its energy mix in general as well highlighting trends regarding solar in particular.  Continue reading

Spanish PV sector registers a 145% growth in 2017, with 135 MW of new capacity installed

A total of 135 MW of new PV capacity was added in Spain in 2017, with a rise by 145% compared to the capacity installed in 2016, 55 MW. The new capacity is for self-consumption, solar plants connected to the grid and off-the-grid installations, especially for rural electrification. Continue reading

Solar to create 94,000 new jobs in Europe by 2021

Solar jobs and wealth creation in Europe are set to increase to nearly 175,000 full time jobs and 9,500M value added by 2021, according to a new EY report. The EY report also shows that an increase in ambition for the European Union 2030 renewable energy target from 27% to 35% will result in more than 120,000 new solar jobs alone. Continue reading


The French solar electricity market is supported through two different vehicles: FiT for small projects (Tarif d’achat) Public call for tenders (AO-Appel d’offres) for larger ones. Continue reading