IDA Programs Advance the Use of Renewables in Desalination

As a global advocate for the desalination, water reuse and advanced water treatment industry, the International Desalination Association (IDA) continues its strong support of the use of renewables in advanced water treatment. Once a long-term goal, harnessing the power of renewable energy is now a reality and is leading the way to providing sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions to the world’s growing water scarcity, while also helping to reduce costs.   IDA is showcasing the use of renewables at three important events in 2019: the WFES Water Forum at the World Future Energy Summit, which will take place January 14-16 in Abu Dhabi and is co-organized by IDA; IDA’s third International Action4Good Conference: Creating Resilient Solutions to Water Needs, which will be held May 12-14 in Santa Margherita, Italy; and our flagship event, the 2019 IDA World Congress: Crossroads to Sustainability, October 20-24 in Dubai, hosted by the Dubai and Electricity Authority.   WFES Water Forum: Disrupting the Water-Energy-Food Nexus to Optimize Efficiency, Security, and Sustainability   The WFES Water Forum will focus on solutions to the world’s significant water scarcity challenges and will present the latest approaches to water supply and demand and water security to can help address these issues. Over three days, the discussion will explore how the latest thinking and technology can optimize resource efficiency, sustainability, and security. In addition, it will explore the evolving role of water in energy production and conversely the use of power in water supply and how technology advances are creating a low-carbon, more cost-efficient future in clean water production. Also, on the agenda is a discussion of the actions that will be required to provide more water resources for food production, and grow food with a fraction of the water used today. Continue reading

Australia’s Labor Party Plans For More Renewable Energy

A Shorten Labor Government will drive new investment in renewable energy generation and storage and transform Australia’s energy supply systems – delivering more renewables and cheaper power for all Australians. Our Plan for More Renewable Energy and Cheaper Power includes a ten-year energy investment framework that delivers certainty for industry, lower power prices and more reliability. Labor’s preference is to achieve a bi-partisan agreement on energy policy. But Scott Morrison and the Liberals are too divided and too out of touch to agree on an energy policy that can lower prices, boost renewables and address climate change. Continue reading

The photovoltaic industry will invest €70 billion to meet Paris Agreement goals

Secretary of State for Energy, José Domínguez Abascal, set the renewable penetration quote in 35% for 2030, where solar energy would take half of this percentage. Installations of up to 60,000 MW would be needed. Energy industry shows its satisfaction with the approval of the urgent measures to energy transition and consumer’s protection – Continue reading

SAPVIA’s PV GreenCard Programme is praised at the Electrical Safety Indaba

November 8, 2018 - Peter Mokaba Stadium, Polokwane:  The Electrical Safety Indaba Workshop is a platform created and hosted by the Department of Labour (DoL) with the aim of providing stakeholders in the electrical industry insights into safety and applicable compliance standards to be followed by industry players.  This year’s indaba was held at Peter Mokaba stadium in Polokwane and saw an audience of over 100 young electrical contractors thirsty for information. The programme included SAPVIA presenting the PV GreenCard Programme, an industry led quality mechanism for Solar PV installations which has been described as” a needed initiative, inclusively promoting safe and quality PV installations.” Continue reading

South African Photovoltaic Industry Association raises key challenges and opportunities facing South Africa’s Renewable Energy Industry

November 15, 18:00 pm - Regenesys Business School, Johannesburg – SAPVIA, represented by the Vice Chairperson Ms. Busi Nxumalo, was invited to be an active participant at a forum discussion hosted by Regenesys Business School. SAPVIA is a critical key stakeholder in the Renewable Energy space and was invited to provide crucial insight and guidance to the discussion around Renewables. Participants, hosts and guests at the forum tackled the following to try and come up with a conclusive answer on the role renewables will play in South Africa’s future energy demands; Continue reading


FORUM ITALIA SOLARE 2018 A Vision for the Energy Transition in Italy 11th December 2018, Hotel Quirinale Rome (Italy)   Monza (Italy), November 2018 – The scenario for Italian photovoltaics has improved drastically compared with the last few years, thanks to the way technology has become economically competitive against other energy sources in a way that even five years ago seemed almost impossible to imagine. On top of that, the European Commission has adopted ambitious goals for the development of renewables by 2030 – forecasting a jump in Italian photovoltaic capacity from the current 20 GW to 68 GW in just 12 years. That means more than tripling the current installed capacity and producing up to 80 TWh from PV by 2030, equivalent to a quarter of national electricity demand in 2017. These are not easy targets to achieve, however: they assume installing 4 GW of new PV plants each year – compared to an average clip of 400 MW of late – without considering any loss of existing plants. Continue reading


Initiative presented at Re-invest, 2ndGlobal Renewables Energy Investors New Dheli, 8 October 2018 – Greening the Islands, a pioneer in promoting island sustainability on a global scale, is launching a new ratings system to recognize action boosting environmental protection and spotlight islands that are leading the way in accelerating the transition to a green future.The Global Index, part of the work of the Greening the Islands Observatory, was presented for the first time at the islands session of Re-invest, the 2ndglobal event of renewable energy investors, in cooperation with the International Solar Alliance. Continue reading

IRENA Gender and Renewable Energy

IRENA, with support from GWNET, REN21 and other institutions, is undertaking a global Gender and Renewable Energy survey, with a strong focus on various issues of concern to ILO (including barriers to entry and/or advancement, workplace-related policies, training and skills-building, etc.). We would appreciate your support with the dissemination of the survey among your network of colleagues working in, or having knowledge of, the renewable energy sector. The objective of the survey is to gather quantitative and qualitative insights on the current status of women’s participation in the renewable energy sector, existing challenges and potential solutions to improve gender diversity. The findings from the survey will contribute to addressing the data and knowledge gap on gender in renewable energy, and inform policy-making to ensure that the energy transition is inclusive and benefits from a wider pool of talent. The findings will be integrated into the forthcoming IRENA report on Gender and Renewable Energy.  Continue reading

UNEF’s assessment of the announcement of the Royal Decree introducing urgent measures aiming at reducing the power invoice

The photovoltaic sector applauds the abolition of the ‘Sun tax’ and the administrative simplification   The photovoltaic sector applauds the elimination of charges to self-consumption that is not part of the grid, widely known as ‘Sun tax’ The Royal Decree contributes to the elimination of economic and administrative barriers that were established artificially and unfairly The photovoltaic sector also values greatly the normalization and simplification of administrative procedures for self-consumption facilities, whose complexity slowed down the development of these facilities in Spain For UNEF, the adoption of this measure acknowledges the collective bet on the photovoltaic sector, as well as the sector’s demand to drive self-consumption forward in Spain in a free market environment with no artificial barriers. Continue reading


Solar Power Mexico opens the Mexican market, promoting new investments in the energy solar energy sector. Mexico could reach 19 GW of installed capacity by 2030, placing it behind China, India, USA and Japan.   MEXICO CITY SEPTEMBER 5, 2018.- The Energy Reform in Mexico will allow the country to rank amongst the main solar energy producers worldwide within the next five years, with an installed capacity of 19 GW (Gigawatts) by 2030; thus, placing it fifth globally in its sector. Due to this perspective, Mexico has become a magnet for investors from around the world, said Sarah Möller, spokesperson of the first edition of Solar Power Mexico, which will be held in Mexico City, March 2019. Möller noted that with the consideration of the new photovoltaic capacity, which is bound to develop within Mexico by 2021, will position the country in fifth place, right behind China, India, the United States and Japan. According to the analysis, New Opportunities for Investment - The Boom in the Solar Sector in Mexico: Market, regulations and business models from the German GIZ Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (German Cooperation for Sustainable Development in Mexico) estimates that Mexico could have up to 19 GW (gigawatts) of solar energy installed in 2030, while Bloomberg New Energy Finance expects installed capacity of 100 GW in 2040. In result, the Mexican government showed a significant interest, raising the share of renewable energies from 20 to 35 percent of all energy by 2024, and to 50 percent by 2050. This impulse for power generation projects have resulted in an apparent increase in companies entering the Mexican market, said Möller. Since the implementation of the Energy Reform in Mexico, specifically in the photovoltaic sector, which lead to a high investment expectation within the country. This is reflected in the participation of investors in the Long-Term Auctions (LTA), in which solar energy projects have had the highest participation of winning contracts at competitive prices, claimed GIZ. Up to 2017, three LTA´s were carried out, which means an investment of around 6.2 billion dollars (mdd) in solar energy within three years (these auctions mainly consider generation in solar renewable energy). Likewise, the structure of the market derived from the Energy Reform allows the development of a sector with clear regulations and structures. According to the GIZ some of the advantages are the different business alternatives to commercialize energy and related products. Within the framework of the Wholesale Electricity Market (MEM), the most important are: long and medium-term auctions, bilateral contracts with public or private entities (PPAs), models for Distributed Generation (DG) and on-site generation (interesting for Energy Service Companies (ESCO)), along with the sale of energy and associated products in the Short-Term Market and even Clean Energy Certificates (CEL). The commercialization of CEL represents an additional opportunity for the generators of solar energy to obtain income through their clean energy generation since the requirements of CEL, defined by the Mexican Ministry of Energy (SENER), force suppliers to acquire them from a total of its consumption. The growth of the solar sector, specifically considering the decrease in cost of photovoltaic installations in recent years, have contributed to the growing adoption of DG systems worldwide. Therefore, it is expected that this trend will be replicated in the following years within the country, with the support and promotion of the energy regulating agency (CRE) through mechanisms such as net-metering and net-billing (net metering and net turnover). Given this developed panorama, the country will host the first edition of Solar Power Mexico, which will be held at the Citibanamex Center in Mexico City from March 19 to 21, 2019. Here, more than 100 international companies from Europe, United States, Asia and Latin America will exhibit the most advanced technology in the field. Your contact for further information: Sarah Möller Tel: +52 55 7028-3335 ext.802 E-mail:   Website :   Facebook: Solar Power Mexico Twitter: @SolarPowerMx LinkedIn: Solar Power Mexico