Solar PV should be at the heart of any decarbonization strategy

Jeffrey Sachs urges "zero emissions by 2050" as the only target for countries at next year's COP talks. Global Solar Council Chair Pranav R. Mehta calls for clear, long-term regulatory frameworks to unlock sustainable investments in developing countries. Continue reading

Summary of remarks made by Pranav Mehta, Chairman of the Global Solar Council (GSC), at the ISA Sun World, Lima, Peru (12-14 November 2019)

The widespread deployment of solar energy will be critical in the sector’s development. Just like other new technologies – the mobile phone, internet or television - any big idea, any big change succeeds only when penetration reached the masses. Similarly, the spread of solar energy is asimportant as growth: solar should move from class to mass. Continue reading

GSC defines clear guidance for the next two years: Jose Donoso will success Gianni Chianetta in 2021

In the framework of the elections of the new Board of Directors of the Global Solar Council, held late September in Salt Lake City (United States), José Donoso, UNEF General Manager, has been appointed Chairman of the international association. Donoso's term will begin in 2021, succeeding Gianni Chianetta (VP ItaliaSolare), Chairman in 2020.   Continue reading

Global Solar Council says market poised for new growth phase, powered by decarbonization of economy, innovation and cost reductions

Solar will play an important role in meeting Paris climate goals as installation growth eclipses the industry’s historical record. Low-cost distributed energy systems and potential for residential and agricultural sectors will have an impact on poverty reduction and combatting inequality. Global Solar Council elects new board and officers. Continue reading

Mourning the passing of Mr. Steve Sawyer, Founder and Former Secretary General of Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC)

It is with great sadness to hear about the passing of Mr. Steve Sawyer on July 31, 2019 after a short but intense struggle with cancer. He was a founder of the Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC) and Secretary General of the organisation for over 10 years. Continue reading

GSC Chairman Pranav R Mehta meets IRENA Director General Francesco Camera: Discussion on strategies for accelerating solar growth and spread worldwide

GSC Chairman Pranav R Mehta (left) with IRENA Director General Francesco Camera at Abu Dhabi during IRENA Policy Day 27 June, 2019 (Photo courtesy : NSEFI, New Delhi) Continue reading

The Global Solar Council held a Board Meeting on June 5th in Shanghai, China

The Global Solar Council held a Board Meeting on June 5th in Shanghai, China. GSC looking forward to playing an important role at UN Climate Change Meeting in New York in September and at COP25 in Chile this December. Continue reading

GSC Chair-Elect Gianni Chianetta: water sector will absorb 8% of worldwide energy supply in the next 20 years, doubling the current value

Up to 4 percent of worldwide energy supply is used for water production, treatment, end use, reclamation, and disposal, a significant figure that’s expected to double to 8 percent over the coming 20 years, according to the Chair-Elect of the Global Solar Council, GSC. (Photo: Gianni Chianetta, Chair-Elect of Global Solar Council, by WAM - The Emirates News Agency) Continue reading

Pranav Mehta, India’s ‘Solar Man’ and GSC head, talks solar strategies

From a metallurgical engineer to India’s CNG warrior and later, the country’s Solar Man, Pranav Mehta’s story reads like a series of ‘renewable’ steps. In the first of pv magazine India’s new personality interview series, editor Preeti Verma Lal talks to the Global Solar Council’s new head. He discusses what’s on the to-do list and the strategies needed to succeed. "The world will not survive if our dependency on fossil fuels is not curtailed." Image: Courtesy of Subrahmanyam Pulipaka, CEO, National Solar Energy Federation of India Continue reading

Mr. Pranav R. Mehta receives SOLARFUTURE.TODAY Visionary Influencers Award 2019

Abu Dhabi (January 16, 2019) – Mr. Pranav R. Mehta, Chairman of Global Solar Council (GSC) and Chairman of National Solar Energy Federation of India has been awarded the SOLAR FUTURE.TODAY Visionary Influencer Award 2019 in the category of Visionary Disruptor Award. The award was presented to Mr. Mehta during the 3rd Black-Tie Gala Abu Dhabi on the occasion of the 3rd SOLAR FUTURE.TODAY World Annual Forum in Abu Dhabi on January 15. Continue reading