Public-Private Dialogue, IRENA 8th Assembly

Stimulating talks were conducted at the first Private-Public Dialogue in the framework of the IRENA 8th Assembly. Recognising investment levels in renewable energy are still far from what is needed to decarbonise the energy sector, the Coalition for Action has focused its joint efforts to the topic of scaling up of renewable energy investment - both private and community based. 

While the international conversation on renewable energy has gone through some remarkable changes and rapid evolution in recent years, real change is largely made at the national level. This is where the policy framework and regulatory environments need to mesh to create the investment climate for national and international players to make projects happen on the ground.

IRENA's Business and Investor Group, chaired by the Global Solar Council and Global Wind Energy Council, has recently launched a White Paper discussing most significant challenges to the scale-up of renewable energy investment and development encountered while delivering projects throughout the world. The paper also provides a selection of recommendations - available tools and policies put in place to overcome these challenges. 

Download the paper here.

From L-R: Bruce Douglas, Co-Chair, Global Solar Council & COO, SolarPower Europe; Adnan Z. Amin, Director General, IRENA; Steve Sawyer, Secretary General, Global Wind Energy Council

12 January 2018