Global Solar Council presents its recommendations at COP24, 

Polish Pavilion 26, Area E, 

Katowice, 6 December 2018 - 15:00 -16:30, 


According to Global Solar Council (GSC), that represents more than 40 national and regional solar associations and 2,000 companies across the solar supply chain, Solar PV and other solar technologies have the potential to protect the climate, secure energy supply and create wealth, jobs and other economic opportunities.


The International Renewable Energy Agency has identified solar PV as the largest renewable energy employer with around 3 million jobs worldwide. On this concrete experience, in recognition of solar PV’s immense potential for job creation, the GSC has set a target of 10 million solar jobs by 2030, which will result in trillions of dollars in long-term, stable investments and multiple terawatts of PV generation. To achieve this goal, the GSC will present its policy positions and recommendations to governments, regulators, industry, grid operators, energy providers and other stakeholders for action and implementation. They can be summarized as follow:


  • Recognize that solar PV is a low-cost, reliable and clean source of energy
  • Utilize solar PV to alleviate poverty and enforce participative structures
  • Enhance energy security through solar PV
  • Build capacities in the solar sector to anchor the energy transition
  • Develop, implement and promote internationally-recognized solar codes and standard



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