Solar Serves the Next Generation in Uganda

Pine River, Minnesota – March 7, 2019, – The Rural Renewable Energy Alliance (RREAL) is partnering with African Children Today (ACT) to install a solar microgrid for the ACT Junior Academy in Rakai, Uganda.

ACT is a nonprofit located in Minneapolis, Minnesota dedicated to helping orphaned children in the Rakai district of Uganda affected by the HIV/AIDS epidemic. In 1982, the world’s first diagnosed case of HIV/AIDS was in the District of Rakai, and since then, the disease continues to ravage the area. This has left thousands of orphans without access to education, so ACT opened a primary school for 500 children in early 2018 and expects attendance to be closer to 1500 by 2020.

Right now, Rakai does not have access to a reliable source of energy. However, a solar energy microgrid presents a sustainable, long-term solution that would free up resources for the school and its essential educational services. ACT was inspired by RREAL’s solar microgrid in Liberia and approached them about an installation and community solar workforce training in Uganda. This project continues RREAL’s mission to make solar accessible to everyone.

“It is an important investment in planet and people, helping both! Where there isn’t a centralized electric grid, there is a tremendous opportunity to power those areas with energy produced at the point of use, utilizing locally available renewable sunshine,” says Special Project Manager, BJ Allen.

The collaboration with ACT is the latest in RREAL’s Skip the Grid initiative, which works in countries across Africa to provide an empowering model of rural electrification. This collaboration will build a reliable source of energy, foster an inclusive solar workforce, and provide environmental steward ship. RREAL will be traveling to Uganda at the end of March to do a final site assessment and will be traveling back to Uganda at the end of 2019 to install the solar array.

 If you are excited about this work and would like to volunteer or learn more about RREAL, please visit their website at or call 218-947-3779.