Solar, Storage & Hydrogen – Market Trends and Investment Opportunities

The Global Solar Council (GSC), Asian Photovoltaic Industry Association (APVIA), New Energy Industry Association for Asia and the Pacific (NEIAAP) and Shanghai New Energy Industry Association (SNEIA), are inviting you to attend our side event “Solar, Storage & Hydrogen – Market Trends and Investment Opportunities” in the framework of North America Smart Energy Week.



With the advancing of the technologies of solar, energy storage and hydrogen, the industries have foreseen significant opportunities to meet the climate challenge. This event gathers industry associations and corporations worldwide to present on the status and prospective on the different sectors of solar, storage and hydrogen, covering the topics of market trends, investment opportunities and technologies. It provides a one-stop opportunity for industrial experts, entrepreneurs and colleagues to stay up to date on the technology and market.



Moderator: Mr. Kevin Gao, Deputy Secretary-General of New Energy Industry Association for Asia and the Pacific


09:30 - 09:43    Building Hydrogen infrastructure and storage for solar

Mr. Chris McWhinney, CEO of Millennium Reign Energy


09:43 - 09:56    Scaling up the international hydrogen market with Liquid Organic Hydrogen Carrier (LOHC) technology

Mr. Dominik Herzog, Senior Business Development Manager of Hydrogenious LOHC Technologies GmbH


09:56 - 10:09    Storage of Renewable Electricity Using High Temperature Electrolysis

Mr. Lyman Frost, CEO of OxEon Energy


10:09 - 10:22    From Gigawatts (GW) to Tera Watts (TW) - Future of Solar Journey

Mr. Pranav R. Mehta, Chairman of Global Solar  Council (GSC); Chairman of National Solar Energy Federation of India (NSEFI)


10:22 - 10:35    5.5 GW + a feed in tariff for not interconnected islands

Mr. Gianni Chianetta, Chair-elect of Global Solar  Council (GSC); Vice President of Italia Solare


10:35 - 10:48    Technology trends for scaling up solar energy

Dr. Dave Renné, President of International Solar Energy Society (ISES)


10:48 - 11:01    Spanish Solar PV Market

Mr. Jose Donoso, General Director of Union Espanola Fotovoltaica (UNEF); President of Spanish Photovoltaic Technology Platform (FOTOPLAT)


11:01 - 11:14    The French solar market is changing scale

Dr. Xavier Daval, Chair of SOLER, Syndicat des Énergies Renouvelables (SER)


11:14 - 11:27    Solar PV Opportunities in Brazil

Dr. Rodrigo Sauaia, CEO of Associação Brasileira de Energia Solar Fotovoltaica (ABSOLAR)


11:27 - 11:40    Argentinean pv market update

Mr. Marcelo Alvarez, President of Camara Argentina de Energia Renovable (CADER)


11:40 - 11:53    Recycling, re-use, repair, refurbishment of PV Panels

Mr. Jan Clyncke, Managing Director of PV CYCLE


11:53 - 12:00    Closing & Networking