Spotlights of Renewable Energy Market in Argentina

Argentina has launched the third round of the RenovAr renewable energy auction programme.

Known as MiniRen, this new round will offer 400 MW of power to be connected in medium voltage networks of 13.2 kV, 33 kV and 66 kV. The maximum power allowed per project will be 10 MW, while the minimum power will be 0.5 MW. The distribution per technology will be 350 MW for wind and solar photovoltaic, 10 MW for Small Hydroelectric Utilities, 25 MW for biomass for 10 MW biogas and for biogas for landfill there will be 5 MW. This, coupled with the first PPP tender for transmission, demonstrates political support for renewables in the country.


Ernst and Young attractivness index RECAI ranking has Argentina in the top ten countries fit for RE.

Regarding PV it enjoys the  sixth position and performs  quite well in wind and  solar thermal concentration too. 


2040 energy scenarios increase share of solar.

The third round of  energy scenarios ,this time by eleven participants  including CADER and representative organizations of civil society,shows PV and to a lesser extent  concentarted solar thermal growing considerably at the expense of fossils when compared to the two previous round,run in 2013 and 2015.CADER scenario for 2030 asks 5000 Mw of distributed generation and portraits the highest share for PV of all scenarios by 2040. More information available at


Decree No. 986/2018 Regulation of Law No. 27,424, the Distributed Renewable Energy Generation Incentive Scheme.

The Law sets forth policies and contractual conditions applicable to the distributed renewable energy generation by distribution network users (which in turn are enabled to connect their small-scale renewable energy projects to the electricity grid for purposes of supplying power remainders) and declared this activity as of national interest. Moreover, the Law is also based on open access rules, whereby the distribution companies regulated as public utilities must provide open access to the systems operated by them in this regard.

The Decree establishes that measures implemented under the Law shall be oriented towards achieving a total installed capacity of one thousand megawatts (1,000 MW) on the twelfth- year anniversary as from the date on which the Decree becomes