Standing Tall in the Global Market

Jeff Juger, Director of Business Development, JinkoSolar

The global solar industry has often hinged on policy. Sometimes it helps push the industry forward; sometimes it slows it down. In all situations, companies must continue to evolve in order to grow and sustain their future. JinkoSolar hit a couple key milestones in 2017. The company shipped more modules globally than any other brand for the second year in a row, and this year surpassed $4 billion in revenue—all this while remaining profitable. 2018 beckons for more, as JinkoSolar estimates 11.5 to 12.0 gigawatts of global shipments. These achievements can be attributed to financial discipline, ironclad commitment to regional markets, and technology leadership.

With most of JinkoSolar’s peers going private or pursuing privatization, JinkoSolar finds itself one of the few beacons remaining in the US capital markets. This position requires a different level of responsibility, one which the company does not take lightly. JinkoSolar has always prided itself on transparency with investors and candor with customers. Keeping an eagle eye on profitability while surging to the top in volume has kept JinkoSolar firmly in a global leadership position.

JinkoSolar has also remained resolute in the face of policy challenges in several markets, including most recently in the United States with trade investigations resulting in tariffs on imported cells and modules. While the company is in favor of free trade, it understands that reality is often different. With protectionist policies in the past, now, or in the future in the European Union, the United States, India, and several other key markets, manufacturer agility is a treasured skill. JinkoSolar remains committed to supplying modules to all these markets, in the push to provide clean, affordable electricity to those citizens. Most recently, JinkoSolar announced that it is building a brand new module factory in Jacksonville, Florida in the United States, bringing 200 good jobs to the area. It is a logical evolution for the company as solar continues to grow in the United States, and particularly quickly in the southeast.

The factory in Jacksonville and JinkoSolar’s other factories globally will be producing advanced solar modules, which are the culmination of years of research and development. The company continues to become increasingly efficient at manufacturing modules, and the modules it produces are themselves increasingly powerful and durable. They use mono PERC, bifacial, and half cell technology, power electronics like attached microinverters or embedded cell string optimizers, and field proven backsheets by DuPont. Customers continue to trust their future projects to JinkoSolar due to the strong track record of the company’s module performance and durability.

Headwinds always exist no matter the industry, no matter the market. Companies who stand tall in the face of these headwinds are the ones who will be left standing in the end. JinkoSolar looks forward to a successful 2018 and wishes everyone else the same.