The Spanish photovoltaic sector is prepared to meet the objectives of the National Energy and Climate Plan

  • The sector values positively and coherently the renewable targets set by the Government in the Integrated National Energy and Climate Plan.
  • The photovoltaic sector has the will and capacity to invest and develop the photovoltaic capacity from 37 GW to 2030 announced.
  • The green transition plan approved by the Government represents a great opportunity for economic development, employment generation and to offer cheaper energy to society.
  • The expansion of economic development will be based on the establishment of a country project in which all the actors involved are aligned on a stable and consensual goal.
  • The launch of this energy transition process requires the approval of the following pending regulations: Law Draft of Reasonable Retribution, RD for Access and Connection, RD for Self-consumption, and call for internationally comparable Energy Auctions and Auctions in the Canary Islands.

Madrid. February 22, 2019. The photovoltaic sector considers the objectives of renewable coverage proposed by the Government - established by 74% on electricity and 42% on final energy by 2030 - consistent with international commitments aimed at a progressive decarbonization, set for the year 2050.

Spanish companies in the photovoltaic industry are able to contribute in a feasible way to the proposed objective, they are willing to invest and turn this energy transition process into an opportunity to generate economic wealth, employment and promote rural development.

The proposed objective of 2030 photovoltaic market penetration is 37 GW of installed power, which would mean an annual increase of 3 GW.

Jorge Barredo, president of UNEF, values the stated goals positively and points out that this proposal must be accompanied by a political will of consensus and dialogue, where social and environmental interests prevail, linked to the economic benefit of renewable development in our country.

On the other hand, he adds that "for these proposed objectives to be carried out in a planned and sustainable way, it is necessary to act as a project-country, in which all the actors involved are aligned on a stable and consensual goal, speed up the pending regulatory measures --Law Draft of Reasonable Retribution for the period 2020-2025, RD of Access and Connection and RD of Self-consumption, schedule a plan of annual and internationally comparable energy auctions, the network adapts in an agile way to the entrance of the renewable generation, and resources are allocated to administrative structures to give way to the procedures."


About UNEF

The Spanish Photovoltaic Union (UNEF) is the trade association of solar photovoltaic energy in Spain. It represents more than 200 companies and organizations across the value chain of technology, represents more than 85% of the sector's activity in Spain and unites practically all producers, installers, engineers, manufacturers of raw materials, modules and components and distributors.

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