GSC condemns the invasion of Ukraine, urges the solar industry to mobilize support and governments to accelerate on renewables

The global solar energy community is deeply saddened by the ongoing invasion of Ukraine. Our most heartfelt thoughts go to the innocent people suffering and fleeing, and to the Solar Energy Association of Ukraine’s members and staff, many of which are stranded across the country.

The GSC is united with its member Solar Energy Association of Ukraine in condemning the actions of Russia that resulted in thousands of deaths, unbelievable destruction and already now more than 1 million Ukrainians being cut from access to power, water and food.

The GSC invites the global solar industry to mobilize and make available critical equipment, and in-kind resources, for the Ukrainian authorities to sustain the power system, communications infrastructure, and important facilities like hospitals and clean water supply. Solar panels, inverters, batteries and generators of all scales are urgently needed.

The Russian war on Ukraine has exacerbated already high energy prices on a global scale, worsening the condition of consumers. This conflict confirms the urgency of phasing out fossil fuels that are often at the root of conflict and social unrest and empower autocratic oil-state leaders. In the case of the Russian invasion, fossil fuels are the main source of war funding. We call for accelerating solar and renewables deployment to achieve sustainable energy security and independence.

Thus, the GSC urges all governments to adopt extraordinary measures to unlock investments in solar and other renewables in order to ensure energy sovereignty, reduce consumption costs, and accelerate achieving climate targets.

With the right support, solar and other renewables are instruments for justice, peace and affordable clean energy for all.

GSC campaign in support of Ukraine

The Russian war on Ukraine is causing a very serious humanitarian crisis. Through direct cooperation with its member Solar Energy Association of Ukraine, the Global Solar Council is launching a campaign to channel international support towards Ukraine, which urgently needs both humanitarian aid and electrical equipment.

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