Next GSC webinars:

5 September 2023

Report Launch: Scaling-up distributed solar generation

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Past GSC webinars:

27th July 2022

GSC & WCP Webinar | Will the energy crisis accelerate commitments toward the decarbonisation of the energy mix?

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10th February 2022

GSC & ISES Webinar: AgriPV – An Introdcution

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15th December 2021

GSC Webinar: Large scale, off-grid and distributed solar PV in Latin America

Promoting market growth after COP26

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13th October 2021

GSC Webinar: Solar International Dialogue of South East Asia

Strategizing PV in SEA – Next Chapter

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6th May 2021

GSC Webinar: Solar PV and the post-pandemic recovery scenario.

How the global industry is faring one year after the Coronavirus wake-up call

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18th March 2021

GSC Webinar: Carbon pricing as a win-win solution for a green recovery

In association with Worldwide Carbon Price

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3rd September 2020

Next Solar Destination in South East Asia:

Opportunities for Global PV Market and post-COVID Scenarios

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9th July 2020

Latin America Outlook for PV.
Investment Opportunities for Solar Energy in post-COVID scenarios

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22nd June 2020

Build back better with solar:

accelerating PV development in the post-COVID economy – possible scenarios in the near and the long term

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28th May 2020

ISES + GSC Webinar: Floating Solar Photovoltaics

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23rd April 2020

How is COVID-19 impacting the global PV industry?

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