Global Solar Council

is a non-for-profit organization registered in Washington D.C. The GSC activities are overseen by a board of directors, which nominates working groups to coordinate work of common interest. Day-to-day operations are undertaken by an executive committee.


Board of directors

The board of directors is composed of 20 members based on the following criteria:

0 Directors appointed

by At-Large Association Members*

0 Directors elected

by Association Members

0 Directors elected

by Corporate Members

0 Director coopted

with no voting rights

Each year there are elections for 50% of board members, based on an approach that ensures a balance between continuity and rotation.

Each year, the board elects a chairman for the following calendar year, four co-chairs, a secretary and a treasurer.

*national associations representing 10GW or more of installed capacity or a regional body with 10 or more national members

Executive committee

The executive committee is composed of the current chair together with the chair elect and the immediate past chair, the GSC co-chairs, the secretary and treasurer.
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Working groups

The board has established two working groups, formed by members, to take forward GSC initiatives in the following areas:

• Strategy & Policy – directly coordinated by the chairman
• Technology & Innovation – coordinated by a director selected by the board