Solar PV and the post-pandemic recovery scenario.

How the global industry is faring one year after the Coronavirus wake-up call

We will all remember 2020 as the year of the Covid-19 pandemic, of entire countries in lockdown and the associated economic and social dislocation. For the global PV industry, it also marked a dramatic turning point in terms of public, political and institutional attitudes to clean energy as the mantras of “building back better” and a “green new deal” raised a clear message about the urgency of investing in renewables as part of post-pandemic recovery plans.

How is that new awareness being translated into reality and what is the outlook for solar PV? Which countries and regions are showing the best way forward in terms of policy and recovery plans and where can improvements be made? How optimistic are companies operating in the solar PV industry globally? The Global Solar Council will present findings of its survey of solar business and PV industry stakeholders and discuss the state of the sector with institutional partners and leading experts.