How is COVID-19 impacting the global PV industry?

The global PV industry is no more immune to the COVID-19 emergency than any other business. The health crisis spreading around the globe is having unprecedented effects on the economy as operations, trade and supply chains are disrupted, among them solar businesses.

The Global Solar Council organized a webinar to provide an update on how our industry is responding to the situation and the outlook for PV companies. The webinar featured results of a global survey being carried out by the GSC asking businesses how the health situation is affecting operations, orders and supply chains and what they think of government responses. Thanks to input from sector experts, the event was an opportunity to share experiences from different continents and to develop a collective response to the emergency.

The webinar also provided an opportunity to discuss future scenarios and the recently published outlook for renewables by the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA).

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``How is COVID-19 impacting the global PV industry?``