Global Solar Council

is the voice of the world’s solar energy industry on the global stage, a non-profit body based in Washington D.C. and representing national, regional and international associations as well as leading solar sector corporations.


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Million solar jobs:
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Policy recommendations

The Global Solar Council

is international non-profit association of the national, regional and international associations in solar energy and the world‘s leading corporations.

Founded in 2015

We offer programs in regulatory policy, trade policy, new market opening and jobs & skills training. We aim to enable solar energy to deliver on the promise of clean & distributed power, economic development and access to opportunity.


Solar energy is the leading solution to the world’s energy needs.


To promote the rapid adoption of solar energy globally, through market development, partnerships and education.
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Advocacy and Policy Recommendations

In recognition of solar PV’s immense potential for job creation, we have set a target of 10 million solar jobs by 2030, which will result in trillions of dollars in long-term, stable investments and multiple terawatts of PV generation. Our 15 policy recommendations, presented at the COP24 climate summit in Poland in 2018, can be summarized in the following points:
• Solar PV as a low-cost, reliable, clean energy source
• Solar PV as an instrument to alleviate poverty
• Solar PV to enhance energy security
• Build local solar supply chains to anchor the energy transition
• Promote internationally recognized codes and standards
• Put an adequate price on carbon