Convening, Connecting, Inspiring

Strategic program and event partners will help drive our work to address climate change, spur economic development and alleviate poverty. 

  • SEIA Finance & Tax Seminar

    The SEIA Finance and Tax Seminar, the solar industry’s preeminent tax event, will convene as the current Administration and Congress have made tax reform one of their highest priorities. The seminar will bring together industry legal, financial and solar business experts from the private sector and government for an in-depth look at the tax reform debate on Capitol Hill, the future of the Investment Tax Credit, and other tax incentives.

    Join to discuss hot topics such as energy storage as well as important issues around debt, private equity, and tax equity.

  • Global Photovoltaic Conference 2018

    The main goal of the conference is to provide a high-level international forum to review and stimulate the progress of the PV market. The event will cover the whole value chain of photovoltaics from materials to systems as well as the non-technological realms such as market development and policies. 


  • SolarPower Summit

    • Wednesday, March 14, 2018 at 09:00 AM – March 16, 2018
    The 13th annual SolarPower Summit is recognised throughout the solar sector as the most important event on the development of global solar markets. 
    It is a unique opportunity to discuss policy, business and technology changes and learn more about market trends, identify business opportunities and network with leading sector analysts, experts and key industry stakeholders.
  • The objective of the webinar will be to discuss the economic impact of local content requirements along the solar PV value chain both in terms of costs as well as development policy tradeoffs in host countries. 

    Key Discussion Points:
    • What are the economic development tradeoffs and costs to local content requirements - in a world with competitive global value chains?
    • Local content requirements are not permitted for WTO Member countries, yet many countries maintain these requirements without challenge - are there any contexts in which local content requirements have a positive market impact?
    • Services provide the vast majority (75%) of economic value added in the global solar value chain - yet goods are the focus of trade conflict. What is the role of "natural" local content in solar systems development in driving sustainable economic development locally?
  • Solar Show Africa 2018

    The Solar Show Africa 2018 guarantees meetings with African energy utilities and IPPs, and features an exhibition, conference and networking opportunities. The Africa Boardroom service has pre-selected 40 of the top African buyers in the energy space to get face to face time with a decision maker to get exclusive insights into projects and influence policy.

  • SEIA Codes & Standards Symposium

    • Wednesday, March 28, 2018 at 09:00 AM – March 30, 2018

    SEIA's Codes & Standards Symposium is specifically designed by and for solar codes & standards professionals and their colleagues in research, design and marketing. This symposium will cover the most up-to-date, impactful issues that have the potential to drive further expansion of solar as well as those issues that have the potential to constrain solar growth and how to best address those challenges.

  • Smart Energy Conference & Exhibition 2018

    The Australian Solar Council is pleased to invite you to participate in the 55th annual Australian Solar Council Industry Exhibition & Conference at the Sydney International Convention Centre. 

  • The objective of this webinar will be to present the co-benefits of a trade deal on environmental goods including tariff cuts in solar-PV goods and how this could be brought to the attention of policy makers by the solar industry.

    Key Discussion Points:
    • How can cuts in import tariffs positively benefit the solar PV value chain and enable cost-reduction for solar PV projects?
    • How can import tariff-cuts on solar PV equipment benefit the consumer as well as enable the creation of green-jobs in the solar industry both upstream in manufacturing as well as downstream in services.
    • How can the solar industry better convey the message of positive benefits from trade liberalization to policy makers in their respective countries of origin and operation?
  • SEIA Solar Goes Corporate

    SEIA’s Solar Goes Corporate is the leading forum to discuss and learn how businesses can effectively procure, deploy, and invest in solar energy. This event is designed to leverage the insight of leaders across the solar industry and the business community to discuss critical trends, innovations, and tools relating to solar technologies and finance. Attendees range from experienced Fortune 500 companies to small/mid-market companies as well as developers, service providers and the broader solar industry.

    Join to gain valuable insight into successful corporate deals while networking with key players.


    SNEC PV POWER EXPO 2018 is a 3 day Conference and Exhibition featuring numerous opportunities among which the SNEC Scientific Conference, Global PV Financial Summit, Industry Workshop on Global PV Market and several interesting side events.