Alyssa ; communication

Alyssa Pek

Strategy & Communications Director

Alyssa is passionate about the environment and finding innovative solutions to build a better future for the next generation. So after receiving her Master’s degree in Political Communication and Strategy from the Brussels School of International Studies, it was a natural step to launch her career by supporting the uptake of clean energy globally. Alyssa quickly caught the renewable energy bug, and has dedicated her career to helping accelerate the clean energy transition ever since. She has worked for trade associations across a wide spectrum of clean energy solutions, including solar PV, electrification, energy efficiency, and clean transport, and wind power.

Alyssa supported the expansion of wind power into emerging markets as Chief of Staff and Communications Director of the Global Wind Energy Council and leading the communication and outreach for offshore wind at the World Bank Group, and in her free time she is a freelance journalist on climate and sustainability issues, yoga teacher and jewellry designer. After starting her career in solar, she is thrilled to be back in the sector to make sure countries across the world can unleash the immense potential of solar power!