Accelerating deployment of energy storage in the UK & Europe

Over the past year, the changes across the globe due to the pandemic alongside government commitment to meeting net-zero targets and rising gas prices have given way to both new opportunities and new challenges within the storage industry.

Increasing investments and demand for renewable energy throughout the UK and Europe can allow those within the storage industry to expand and develop their business.

But what does this mean for demand in storage and how can you use this energy transition to your advantage? We have seen decreasing prices within storage over the past few years – but will these drops continue in the wake of the pandemic and increasing construction costs?

This year we will explore these trends as well as taking a look into longer duration storage, colocated projects, supply chains, policy, finance and more.

With new companies emerging to streamline the development process and more viable technologies entering the market, we look to see how the energy storage market is currently Evolving and what the industry will look like in years to come.

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