GSC goes to COP26 to represent the global solar power sector and ensure progress towards a sustainable future

GSC enters the Marrakech Partnership for Global Climate Action

The Global Solar Council is keeping up with its commitment to participating in the COP to bring the vision and contribution of the solar industry. This year in Glasgow, at COP26, the Council will take part in the Energy Action Event of the Marrakech Partnership for Global Climate Action, scheduled on November the 4th and organized in cooperation with IRENA, The Climate Group, GWEC, ICC, IEA, REN21, SEforAll, UNEP, and WBCSD.

Despite progress under way in the transition to renewable power, the world is not on track to limit global warming to 1.5°C, as stipulated in the Paris Agreement. In the wake of COVID-19 recovery, the world is at a critical juncture to advance decarbonization through decarbonized power systems, sectoral integration, and structural change. Energy transitions around the world are critical to ensure a resilient energy system, while advancing economic growth and creating jobs, improving public health and well-being, and improving energy access.

The Energy Action Event will showcase the updated Climate Action Pathway on Energy, share ambitious initiatives driving the energy transition, and convene discussions on how to overcome the barriers to deliver 2030 milestones, while keeping the 2050 vision in sight. All actors have a role in this effort; holistic assessment must inform energy system planning, economic policymaking, and other policies necessary to ensure a just and inclusive energy transition. In line with this, among the participants there will be policy-makers at local, national, and regional levels; innovators; investors and financial institutions; business and service providers; and civil society.

While there has been significant progress in decarbonizing the power sector, end-use sectors, such as heating and cooling, industry, and transport, are lagging behind. Structural change is needed in fossil fuel production and consumption. To achieve global climate and development targets, coal power must be phased out and oil and gas companies must make significant progress in their zero carbon transitions. GSC has contributed in founding the Worldwide Carbon Price initiative – of which also GWEC is a member – precisely with the objective of promoting effective carbon pricing measures to speed up the transition to clean energy sources.

Gianni Chianetta, CEO of the Global Solar Council, commented: “We need to bring at COP26 our information and position, and to give proper voice to our industry. We need to stimulate discussion about simplification of authorization procedures, facilitation of investment, improvement in the grid. It is also important to talk about putting a price on carbon emission, to play in a levelised field and to finance the sustainable transition. We have to join forces because only together we can really make the change.”

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