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Choosing a Solar PV installer


An increase in customer demand for solar PV systems has resulted in a surge of solar installation companies. Roof leaks, among others, is the common complaint from solar homeowners should the system be improperly installed - making solar PV quality installations critical.

Finding a qualified professional installer who offers excellent service at a competitive price is essential. This is how:


Prior to deciding which installer to go with, SAPVIA urges consumers to check a company's credentials and membership as installers have to meet specific standards to be accredited. Accredited installers are certified and trained to ensure the system meets industry best practice standards.

'A good installer is one that is trained, has some accreditation and can provide a legal, compliant installation in terms of applicable national regulations and municipal requirements,' explains SAPVIA programme manager, Niveshen Govender.

SAPVIA is committed to the responsibility and sustainability of the industry. In doing so, the PV GreenCard was developed to assure that the installer is following the latest industry guidelines, using quality components, specifying the system correctly and installing it properly.

'It ought to also provide comfort to financiers and insurers that the system will perform to specification,' explains Nedbank's Head of Transformation and Sustainability, Mark Boshoff. 

'The added benefit is that should the client wish to sell the facilities with the PV system installed; it should command a better valuation if it carries the PVGreenCard,' he adds.

The PV GreenCard platform also provides the customer with a checklist to ensure your installer is explaining all relevant topics before the installation. The installer can use the PV GreenCard to declare compliance with relevant standards as well as safety guidelines for PV installation. 


A good reputation is crucial. When finding an installer, SAPVIA strongly recommends one with a successful track record. Read online reviews, ask friends, family and acquaintances with a solar system for their recommendations.


SAPVIA suggests obtaining a minimum of three quotations to compare pricing. 'Ask the installers to explain the generation and installation process and make sure to understand everything before agreeing to the installation,' says Govender.

SAPVIA also encourages customers to use reputable components and ensure that they have manufacturer warranties on the equipment being installed. 'Like with any purchase of equipment, I recommend doing some research on the brands,' Govender says. 

SAPVIA member brands are usually a safe bet. 

Information of becoming an accredited installer through the PV Greencard Platform can be found on :


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