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Government support is key to accelerating green recovery ambitions, Global Solar Council tells IRENA meetings

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As a partner of the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), the Global Solar Council has been active in a series of start-of-year meetings to highlight how renewables can be an enabling factor for rebuilding better in a green recovery after COVID-19 and outline actionable policy recommendations.

“Our industry needs government’s support through policy that attracts investments. Reduced bureaucracy must also be a priority to ensure the stability of the solar power industry,” GSC Chairman José Donoso explained to the 4th IRENA Public-Private Dialogue. He also talked to the IRENA Legislators Forum, convening over 100 legislators from over 50 countries, to lay out how investments in solar PV can create significant economic and employment opportunities and address climate change issues, describing the legislative action the industry needs to see.

“Thanks to its ability to deliver not only our climate objectives but also bring advantages in terms of employment, health, education, gender equality and poverty alleviation, solar power is set to play a key role in unleashing an array of environmental, social and economic benefits and can accelerate our trajectory towards the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs),” the GSC chairman told the meeting. “Outdated legislation and regulation that indirectly result in an incentive to the fossil fuel industry need to be urgently revised while carbon pricing mechanisms need to be promoted at global level. In a levelled field, solar energy can lead the transition and reply to the world’s energy needs.”

As an active member of the IRENA Coalition for Action, the Global Solar Council has been vocal in sharing its Call for Action and sending its recommendations to governments.

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