Solar Cookers International encourages the testing of solar cookers for the benefit of all

Just like miles per gallon, everyone needs to know the standard cooking power for each solar cooker to make informed decisions. In order to do that, Solar Cookers International has established a program called The SCI Performance Evaluation Process (PEP) which is intended to increase the use of high-quality solar cookers worldwide. SCI’s PEP test allows manufacturers and consumers to understand the cooking power of solar cookers without brand bias and to develop a baseline for comparison. 

PEP testing also demonstrates the power, in watts, that users can expect from a specific model of solar cooker.  Organizations and users can expect to get unbiased, scientific information because the PEP test is based on an internationally accepted protocol that harmonizes with guidelines published by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). To learn more about PEP testing and to watch SCI’s video demonstration, click here:

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