Spain: PV technology breaks its power generation record in March

March has been a record month for the solar PV industry in Spain, as it registered the highest PV power generation in Red Eléctrica de España’s records, the Spanish system operator. Compared to the data of March 2019, the power generated by solar PV last March has increased by 29,1%.

In 2019, a total of 4.158 MW of new solar PV capacity was added to the Spanish energy mix, a record figure for the sector, and the cumulative solar PV capacity reached a total of 8.623 MW.

According to Red Eléctrica de España, in 2019, solar PV technology accounted for 3,5% of the total power generated in Spain and this percentage is likely to increase in the near future. Up until March 2020, PV technology accounted for 4,1% of the total power generation.

This record data show that the Spanish PV industry has entered in a new era of growth and UNEF, the Spanish PV association, estimates that this positive trend will continue in the upcoming months, as new PV capacity is added to the system and a higher number of hours of sunlight will be available in summer months.

Figure 1. Evolution of PV generation (GWh) by month. Spanish national electricity system 2018-2020. Source: Red Eléctrica de España

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