The French government has taken measures to support PV economy and its companies

Next rounds of solar tenders for overseas areas, rooftop, innovating systems for instance have been delayed by two months. The capacity for the future round for ground-mounted projects has been split with a third of the 1 GW to allocate on July and the next two-third to allocate in November. For smaller projects under open feed-in tariffs, the French government has frozen the tariffs, which were expected to fall 5%, for the second quarter of 2020. Finally, measures have been taken, with additional delays given to constructors, to avoid financial penalties due to missed deadlines.

960 MWp of PV projects have been awarded on April 2nd, through several tenders. Some results show a rise of photovoltaic energy competitiveness in France, with an average price of €55.78/MWh for larger PV ground-mounted installations in the North-East of France and an average price under €100/MWh in overseas areas where the last known average cost of electricity production was of  €290/MWh in 2016.

Answering PV trade body requests, Elisabeth BORNE, the Ministry in charge has announced on the February 26th a widened access to the open feed-in tariff for smaller rooftop PV installations by moving the cap from 100 kWp to 300 kWp. Parameters of this extension still remain to define.

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