Trina Solar and COVID-19: Your safety is our top concern

As we continue to monitor the latest updates and information about the global COVID-19 outbreak, this is to let you know how Trina Solar is dealing with the coronavirus pandemic and the steps we are taking to help protect the health and well-being of all our employees and customers, as well as to ensure business continuity.

Trina Solar has made pandemic control a priority since January, established emergency response groups immediately to coordinate the entire company, and taken numerous measures to counter its spread by all means possible. We have stepped up the frequency of disinfection and ventilation measures in all office spaces and production plants, with this work performed daily since January 20th. An online pandemic reporting and tracking system was set up immediately afterwards. We have also implemented travel guidelines and a mandatory 14-day quarantine of any employees who have been in areas of concern.

The health and well-being of our customers remains top of mind and our highest priority as well. We will continue to act thoughtfully and be there when our customers need us most. We are working closely and monitoring the correct development of each and every project to determine any potential impacts. We have developed contingency plans in order to guarantee the continuity of the delivery of our products and services, as well as to ensure the highest standards are maintained.

We are also constantly communicating with our suppliers to get informed of pandemic control and production status. A remote office access management platform has been applied to update supplies on a daily basis. We believe our global manufacturing and logistics capabilities will keep us well positioned to work through these challenges.

While the coronavirus pandemic has disrupted the market to some degree in the short term, we are optimistic that it will be effectively contained. We will continue to communicate with transparency and act courageously and responsibly. Trina Solar stands side by side with our highly valued customers, and is ever ready to help as we move through this difficult period together.

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