UNEF launches today a new web platform for better integration in the new digitalization contexts

  • To enhance the image of the sector beyond our borders, the website has been designed in Spanish and English.
  • It incorporates a new, more visual events section, which can be filtered by type and date, with a ‘newspaper library’ subsection where you can review information on past events.
  • The employment section has been updated, giving it its own personality and making it more accessible.
  • The private area for associated companies has also been renovated.

In order to continue improving and integrating into the new contexts of digitalization, the Spanish Photovoltaic Union (UNEF) has launched a new web platform with a cleaner and more modern design that allows the association to adapt to a changing environment that demands greater clarity and transparency.

It is a system developed ad-hoc to collect in one place all the information of the sector and UNEF. To this end, the public and private sections (for associated companies) have been integrated into a single platform, providing faster loading and, above all, simplicity for the end user.

Thanks to these changes, the platform offers new functionalities such as the creation of authorized users or the review of invoices from the company profile. The employment platform has also been adapted, one of the sections with the highest number of revisions by professionals in search of employment. This section allows individualized management by the associated companies, with specific notifications in case of new candidates.

A highly visual calendar of events has also been created, with a newspaper and periodicals library to review previous events. The new system also integrates the registration of participants, making it easier for the manager to select employees (as long as they are registered as authorized users).

Another major change is the full translation into English. In a market with more and more international players, we have listened to the demands we received to make the information readable also outside our borders.

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