IBC SOLAR Energy connects 43 MWp utility-scale PV project to the grid in Hungary

IBC SOLAR Energy, the international project division of IBC SOLAR AG, has completed the 43 megawattpeak (MWp) “MET Kabai Solar Park” in Hungary. The solar park was connected to the Hungarian public grid on the 24th September 2020.

Hungary’s currently largest operating photovoltaic plant has been connected to the grid after a construction time of barely more than five months. The client and owner of the solar park is MET Asset Management AG, which commissioned IBC SOLAR Energy with planning, procurement and construction (EPC) in December last year. The solar park is situated in the east of the Great Hungarian Plain close to Debrecen. With an estimated yield of 52 gigawatt-hours per year, it will supply more than 23,000 Hungarian households with electricity.

“MET considers the growth in renewable power generation in Central and Eastern Europe as a core part of its business strategy going forward, whilst also supporting the energy transition away from coal in Europe. This project is a successful example of the implementation of our integrated strategy,” says Balázs Gábor Lehőcz, Chairman of the Asset Management Board of MET Group.

For a long time, Hungary trailed behind the rest of Europe as far as renewable energies were concerned. Now, the country is catching up rapidly. The target issued by the EU-Directive 2009/28/EC for 2020 was surpassed as early as 2017 with a share of renewable energies of 13.3 per cent. Now, the new target for the share of renewable energies in the total energy mix is set for 14.65 per cent by the end of 2020. The grid connection of the new PV solar park will take Hungary a huge step forward towards reaching its target.

“We are pleased that we were able to implement the “MET Kabai Solar Park” on time despite all the challenges during this truly special year,” says Eric Herrmann, EPC Program Manager of IBC SOLAR Energy. “Without any doubt, “MET Kabai Solar Park” is an important milestone for Hungary’s renewable energies. Photovoltaic is the key to a world free of fossil fuels, and this important project contributes to this goal.”

Consequently, IBC SOLAR now also takes care of operations, monitoring and maintenance management (O&M) incl. fast troubleshooting, thus ensuring continuous high energy yields way into the future for the owner of the park.

Details of the project:

Region:Kaba, Hungary
Generator area:227,000 m²
Number of modules:97,578
Plant capacity:43 MWp
Electriyity production::52 GWh/year
CO2 reduction in 25 years:approx. 26,000 Tons
Electricity for:approx. 23,000 households
Commissioning:24 September 2020
Project planning:IBC SOLAR Energy
Installation:IBC SOLAR Energy

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