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Solar cooking – A transformative approach to advancing the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

SCI Article

Solar Cookers International (SCI) hosted a Side Event presentation at the United Nations High-Level Political Forum (HLPF) which is now available to watch here.  It features SCI, the Public-Private Alliance Foundation (PPAF) and Konbit pou Developman Commune Kote de Fer (KDCK) showcasing solar cooking as a transformative approach in achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.  

The discussion and presentation of evidence include:

1) How solar cooking improves human and environmental health

2) How it has been integrated into a clean-cooking course at a University and in work at a children's center in Haiti

3) How it can make an important contribution during the global crisis of COVID-19

Normally this event is held in-person in New York, with approximately 2,000 registered participants, approximately 125 heads of states, ministers, and high-level officials.  SCI encourages governments and civil society organizations to include solar cooking in their policies and work. This year, SCI has made this premier advocacy event available for everyone to watch.