Wind and Solar pavilion goes live at COP27: key global renewable industries leading the energy transition together

The Global Solar Council (GSC) and the Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC) delegations have arrived in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt, to begin our mission at the Wind and Solar pavilion, located at the heart of the blue zone of COP27. Building on the Memorandum of Understanding signed last year at COP26, the initiative solidifies the bond formed upon the high complementarity of solar and wind power, and allows the renewables sector to focus on delivering Net Zero for the world.

As the two leading renewable energy sources, solar and wind power must make up at least 40%, and all renewables make up at least 60% of global electricity generation by 2030. That is the 2030 Breakthrough target for Clean Power of the High-Level Climate Champions, of which GSC and GWEC are partners. For the first time in 2021, wind and solar made up more than 10% of global electricity, but a long road still lies ahead.

The global solar and wind industries are ready to deliver the technology required to meet these goals but they face common bottlenecks around authorization and permitting. The renewables sector urgently needs enhanced policy efforts to create the enabling conditions for accelerated deployment and to provide clear investment signals.

Through their presence at COP, GSC and GWEC engage decision-makers and governments to support those working to convert ambitions into action, advance key priorities and showcase the potential of the two technologies, to allow the two energy sources to unlock their full potential for a cleaner planet and a more sustainable society, sooner rather than later.

It is not just an environmental matter. The current security and energy crises have highlighted the potential role of renewables, solar and wind in particular, as the only true gateway to international energy security, millions of new jobs, increased energy access, lower and more stable power prices across the globe.

The joint pavilion highlights the consolidation of GSC and GWEC’s relationship and the responsibility we share to accelerate the energy transition during the present energy crisis. Meetings over the next two weeks will cover all relevant within this historic momentum. COP27 is important, following a pandemic and during a war which are set to alter the future energy scenarios, a true turning point. Being here in Egypt, in Africa, is very relevant as the accelerated growth of the continent will be determinant in the global energy transition. Compared with more mature markets, there is less resistance to renewables allowing for an easier transition”, said Gianni Chianetta CEO of the Global Solar Council.

The Wind Pavilion at COP26 was a huge success and we are delighted to increase the renewables presence this year in Egypt by welcoming the Global Solar Council to join us. The renewables solution will include all corners of the sector – wind and solar will be the foundation of the energy transition. The wind industry has decades of experience in delivering clean energy, accompanied by additional clean jobs, industry and energy security,” said Ben Backwell, CEO of the Global Wind Energy Council.

“The security and climate crises that provide the backdrop to this COP highlight that this must be a time for action not more future ambitions. The wind and solar power industries are ready to help nations across the world deliver that action.”

The Solar and Wind pavilion will host several thematic sessions as well as shared events on key transversal topics. The pavilion features a theatre room, meeting room, networking area and all organisations and individuals attending COP are welcomed to visit and attend the sessions in person. Everyone can join the streamed sessions digitally.

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