Women Sustainable Energy Program

ALER brought together a group of twelve women from Cape Verde, Guinea-Bissau and São Tomé and Príncipe to develop renewable energy projects capable of creating impact in their communities and contributing to women empowerment, gender equality and equity.

This group of candidates received weekly monitoring, training and empowerment through workshop sessions, webinars, conversations with inspiring women, networking and mentoring sessions.

At the end of the Program, each of the candidates had the opportunity to develop a project regarding renewable energies that would be able to provide their community with better living, health, employability, and profitability conditions by generating economic activity.

From solar energy projects, to the implementation of irrigation systems, water and ice production projects for fish conservation, development of public lighting systems, projects for the development of mini-hydro for tourism or even education and training projects for young people in the field of renewable energies. Each of these eleven projects can have a real impact on communities in São Tomé and Príncipe, Cape Verde and Guinea-Bissau, providing quality of life improvements, while promoting the balance of natural resources and the development of renewable energies.Throughout ALER, a Non-Governmental Organization for Development whose mission is to promote renewable energies in Portuguese-speaking countries, entities, companies and individuals have the possibility to contribute financially with technical equipment or know-how, so that these projects become accomplished. Each of them constitutes a unique opportunity for these women to make their ideas viable and conquer their place in the renewable energy sector.

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