Join the race to net-zero with solar PV

“Empowering people with solar PV” is a global campaign aimed at engaging people worldwide to learn how they can make a difference in the race to net-zero supporting solar PV’s capacity targets and at the same time becoming more energy independent.

Solar power is key to decarbonizing the global economy and our cities while bringing a vast range of benefits to people, communities and the planet.

The main focus of the campaign is the uptake of distributed solar PV in the buildings sector, thus mainly rooftop systems in private, public, commercial and industrial buildings.

We have created storytelling in 8 chapters, including all the relevant information about distributed solar PV.

GSC has partnered up with IRENA to enrich the campaign with insightful videos on rooftop solar PV systems. Discover them in the campaign blogs below.


Campaign chapters

Benefits for the individual

Decarbonising our planet and reducing global warming requires everyone’s help. IEA indicates we need to reach 100 million households with rooftop solar PV by 2030, up from the current 25 million, if we want to reach net-zero by 2050. With solar PV for your house or business, you can really make a difference. Although you’d be wrong to think that solar panels only yield environmental benefits. They also make financial sense, especially as the price of clean technologies continues to fall and the cost of fossil fuels rises sharply around the world. If you’re on the fence about investing in solar panels, here are 5 reasons why you should stop waiting and get them installed as soon as possible.

Benefits for the grid

Creating a sustainable future can only be possible through developing self-sufficient, climate smart, inclusive communities. A global systemic shift is necessary from centralized power production towards a decentralized, distributed one in which the energy is produced near where it’s consumed. Renewables, solar in particular, are the key enablers of this change.

Benefits for Society

Energy security has found its way into many national agendas as the world recognizes the need for clean and sustainable energy. With many nations eyeing energy independence through solar power, societies worldwide can take great advantage of the shift. Solar power has potential to help smart cities and energy communities position as role models for the implementation of sustainable power in societies worldwide. From cheaper energy costs to healthier and richer societies, the benefits of solar energy are manifold. With distributed solar power, everyone can have a renewable energy source that does not harm the environment and doesn’t make any noise, which is ideal since it is usually placed on the roof of households.

Benefits for the Planet

In order to protect life on planet Earth, we need to get to net-zero by 2050 which means reducing greenhouse gas emissions to as close to zero as possible, with any remaining emissions re-absorbed from the atmosphere, by oceans and forests for instance. In addition to having a net-zero energy system 28 years from now, we also need to ensure that there will be affordable and stable energy supplies for all people and promote significant economic growth.

Cost trends and forecasts

Solar PV technology is continuously advancing while becoming the world’s most affordable energy source. In our blogs, we have seen the vast range of benefits offered by solar PV. However, the tense geopolitical situation, the disruption of supply chains brought by the pandemic, and the energy crisis, have recently led to a slight increase in prices that might raise some questions from households and businesses. Reality tells us solar PV still is, and will remain our best option. Let’s take a closer look.

Solar PV technology updates

Solar PV technology has come a long way since solar power was first used as an alternative energy source. In the past, solar modules were not very efficient and took up a lot of space. However, modern solar PV technology has solved many problems. Thanks to new advancements in photovoltaic technology, today’s solar panels are more efficient and reliable than ever, so you can generate more energy from the same amount of space and increase independency from the power grid. Learn about how new solar PV technologies can empower people everywhere to find better solutions for their electricity needs today.

Incentives and remuneration schemes

Today, in most cases around the world, the development of solar PV plants does not require any sort of incentive. Indeed, the maturity of the solar market, with great reduction of installation costs over the past years, and the high prices of electricity in many countries across the globe are the main boosts to solar PV’s penetration. However, in particular circumstances and especially for small and medium size plants, the development of solar PV still requires some sort of incentives to reduce the payback time and accelerate the decarbonization of our society.

How to get solar PV on your roof

In previous blogs we have outlined the variety of reasons as to why to install solar panels on roofs, but it is of equal importance that people know how to do it as well. The following blog contains important aspects that consumers should consider in order to empower themselves with solar PV.

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